Råstasjön Meditation

"You are sitting near the lake Råstasjön in Solna, Sweden, and meditating... and, all of a sudden, something is starting to happen. In the end, everything turns out well. It is just your imagination playing tricks on you."

Psymon Marshall of 1208 North Fuller Ave Apt 1 clearly has another take on it:

"‘Råstasjön Meditation’ closes out the album, and here Nimbostrata leaves us with a quiet susurration, with the apparent objective of being a calming antidote to the obliterative blasts of nuclear serration on the previous tracks. However, that is just superficial: the rumbles and voices at the end tell a different story, that this is now a ghost world, a place of lost people and lost memories, a haunted rock, where the shades of the living wander about in abject despair. If Hell exists, then we have created it ourselves: our ignorance and denial have conspired to bring us to this pass, and now there is no return. The saddest aspect is that there are nothing and no one to remember us, only the universe and we never mattered to it in the first place. It’s a very sobering conclusion, one we should take note of."

The track appeared on a compilation "Inside / Beside 3" by Kalamine Records.